NYS PTA Under Fire

The grassroots movement is in full swing today and the New York State Parent Teacher Association is the target.  Wondering why so many are calling out the NYSPTA?  Seems that everyone is in agreement that while local PTAs do great things for kids in our local schools, the leadership at the NYSPTA is turning its back on the very members that make those great things happen.  The results of a January 2014 NYSPTA survey are out and despite parents concerns about the Common Core Learning Standards, the NYSPTA still “strongly supports the CCLS”.

Our allies over at Lace to the Top are calling on parents of New York State to boycott the PTA and Schools of Thought, Hudson Valley, NY is urging parents to switch to a Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). ‘Parentucator’ Chris Cerrone gets in on the action over @thechalkface noting “We want your two dollars, but not your input”.

Where does your PTA stand on the issue?  It’s time we start talking about it.

NYS PTA Under Fire

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