Utica’s Fair Share Rally February 18, 2014

Our allies at the Alliance for Quality Education held a rally this morning to demand that Utica City Schools receive it’s fair share of funding.  Opt Out CNY was present to show our support for public schools.  It was great to see Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi (D-Utica) present to advocate for fair funding as well as speak out against charter schools.  Below, left, find links to media coverage from the event.  Below, right, a letter to Governor Cuomo from Trinh Truong, a junior at Proctor High School (click to enlarge).

From WKTV 1743666_736173413074307_1569171032_n
From the Utica OD
From Time Warner News
From WUTR/cnyhomepage

A few words from AQE on funding:
“With Governor Cuomo’s proposed education budget, Utica Schools will, yet again, be shortchanged. New York’s Constitution guarantees students to a “sound, basic” education, regardless of zip code, but during Governor Cuomo’s tenure the inequity between school districts has only grown.

The Utica City School District is only able to spend $15,581 per student, whereas New York State’s average amount per student is $20,906. Utica needs more money to meet the needs of its diverse community. With the $1.9 billion increase to education funding legislators and advocates have been calling for, Utica would receive nearly $8 million dollars more than the current proposal.

Utica’s Fair Share Rally February 18, 2014

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