Siena College Poll & NYSAPE Board of Regents Vote Watch

vote watch smallThere are three important take aways from the Siena College poll out today:

1.  “By a 62-21 percent margin, voters say they trust SED more than the governor to set education policy, with 13 percent trusting neither.”

2.  “By a 50-38 percent margin, voters want implementation of Common Core standards delayed for two years.”

Take a look at those two statements and we see both good and bad news.

Good– Voters know that something is awry with current education policy and reforms, and as such, the public wants NYS to slow down and step back when it comes to Common Core Learning Standards.

Bad– Voters have put their trust in the NYS Education Department (NYSED), which is supervised by the Board of Regents.  To date, the Board of Regents (BOR) has done nothing to address the concerns brought forth by parents and educators.  In fact, though Board of Regents Work Group released a list of recommendations  in regards to Common Core Learning Standards earlier this month, the recommendations offered no meaningful solutions and continue to receive nothing but criticism from teachers, education experts, parents, advocacy groups and the state teachers’ union.  You can read  responses to the failed leadership of the Board of Regents  here, or hop over to the Huffington Post where today Nicholas Tampio writes that “The Regents Aren’t Listening to Parents About the Common Core”.

It is the combination of the good news and bad news that leads to the third, and most important, take away from the Siena College poll:

3.   It’s crucial voters contact their NYS Senators and Assemblymen today and advocate for change to the Board of Regents.  It is imperative voters join New York State Allies for Public Education in calling upon NY State legislators to vote NO for incumbents at the Board of Regents Election during the join legislative session to be held on Tuesday March 11, 2014.  The public must let legislators  know that voters expect they will be present at the vote, and that they will vote NO to the four incumbents.

Otherwise, NYS voters are left with legitimate concerns sitting unaddressed by the sitting Board of Regents.  It’s time for change.

Update 9:15pm: Read Diane Ravitch’s take on the NYS Board of Regents at the link below.  She notes:
But to make such significant changes, the Regents themselves must change. They cannot cling blindly to a failed status quo. By their actions and by their inaction, they are fomenting a parent rebellion.”

(updated 3/5/14 to correct spelling of Siena)

Siena College Poll & NYSAPE Board of Regents Vote Watch

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