All Quiet? Quite the Opposite

With the first round of NYS exams beginning on April 1st next week, you may wonder why there has been so little posted to our site.  Simply put: it’s all hands on deck behind the scenes.  Our refusal numbers in Central New York are through the roof.  The phone is ringing and emails are flying-all from parents wanting to know how to refuse the test.

We couldn’t be more pleased.  

Here are links to recent and local coverage of the growing “opt out” movement.

Parents weighing options on opting children out of state testing
WKTV, NewsChannel 2, Utica
March 26, 2014

Put the state system to the test by opting out
Utica Observer Dispatch
Guest editorial by Jessica McNair
March 26, 2014

Refusal to take state tests won’t impact students
Utica Observer Dispatch, Keshia Clukey
March 26, 2014

All Quiet? Quite the Opposite

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