An Open Letter to Senator Griffo

Open letter to New York State Senator Joseph Griffo
February 25, 2015

Dear Senator Griffo;

We, your constituents, reached out to you this past week to ask for your help in defeating Governor Andrew Cuomo’s destructive proposals regarding public education. NONE of the education proposals contained in the Governor’s current “lost” Opportunity Agenda are good for kids.

When we speak with you or representatives from your office, we are told that we simply must accept, on behalf of OUR children, certain parts of the Governor’s plan and that “it’s just how things work in Albany.” We’re told that “there are many legislators who want more charter schools.” We’re told that many of the same legislators want to see the inappropriate tests that we give to our children, some as young as 8 years old, count for MORE.

Senator Griffo, you were elected by the people in our voting district to represent OUR best interests, not the best interests of your legislative counterparts or people that they are beholden to.

What sort of leadership looks at a child and says to that child that his or her test score will no longer account for 20%, but 50% of the factors which will determine whether or not their teacher will have a job the following year or, even worse, if their school will re-open?

Senator, if you want your legacy to be one which allowed for people from outside of your voting district to determine how you represented us and our children, you’re well on the way to achieving that. However, if you want to be seen as a champion for all children in real public schools, I believe that the many calls and letters you’ve received from us will serve as an outstanding guide.

Steve Shrey
Sauquoit, New York

An Open Letter to Senator Griffo