Less Than a Day

Yesterday I was careful to post a non-biased piece about the new Commissioner of Education in New York State, Mary Ellen Elia (ok, there was a hint of snark, but I kept it tame) and encouraged readers to welcome her back to our wonderfully snowy state.

Just about 24 hours after posting a “Welcome” to the new Commish, Ms. Elia provides a first glimpse of her thoughts on parents of New York with this quote:

“Opt-outs are no good for teachers and no good for parents,” Elia told teachers and Albany City Schools Superintendent Marguerite Wyngaard.”

(The full article can be read at The Legislative Gazette here)

I did my best to give Ms. Elia a fair shot but her first impression leaves this parent peeved, but not surprised.  The new Commissioner has gone out of her way to praise teachers and state the importance of showing educators support (and rightfully so), but like every other ‘leader’ in Albany, has willfully ignored parents and insulted an active and informed group who led opt outs to record numbers.

Game on, Elia.  As I stated yesterday, one thing is certain: parents will continue to refuse to participate in exams used to evaluate teachers.  We are accustomed to being ignored and insulted, Ms. Elia.  You’ll fit right in here in NY and we are excited to welcome you with our 2016 Opt Out Letters.

Less Than a Day