We are a group of students, parents, educators and community activists who support public education and advocate against the wholesale privatization of our public schools. The intent of this website is to inform the Central NY community about current events in education that impact the children in our schools.  We encourage parents to refuse NYS grades 3-8 Common Core Math and ELA tests to send a message that we are opposed to the one size fits all reform agenda.  Classroom time is meant for teaching & learning to meet the needs of students-not to prepare students for a test.

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1.  HOW TO “OPT OUT” of NYS grade 3-8 exams

1.  HOW TO “OPT OUT” of NYS grade 3-8 exams
2. ACTIONS you can take to support public schools 

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Refusing to Participate in NYS Grade 3-8 Testing is the best way for parents to let leaders in Albany know that recent education reforms are not in kids’ best interest.  Refusing tests is not about hurting kids, teachers, or public schools.  In fact, it is just the opposite.  The ‘opt out’ movement sheds light on the false narrative of ‘failing public schools’ and advocates for the use authentic assessment so that all students’ needs are met.  Thank you for stopping by to learn more about statewide efforts to brinnysape profile picg back authentic teaching & learning to our classmates.  OUR CHILDREN ARE MORE THAN A SCORE!

Opt Out CNY is an affiliate of New York State Allies for Public Education